A whole world of growth. You get to have it all ūüé°


    We've been conditioned to believe we can have this but we can't have that. I disagree. I believe we can have it all.

    Imagine being 1% better every day in all areas of your life. Filling all of your life cups. It can be hard to stay motivated, it can be easy to forget your why, & it can be challenging to know where to start. So I created candyland to lead you towards your best self & your dream life, one day at a time


    CANDYLAND is a whole life up level. Want to learn some badass biz skills? ‚úď Financial literacy? ‚úď High level habits? ‚úď Greater self confidence than you've ever experienced? ‚úď Dive deep into self development? ‚úď Health & Wellness Goals? We've got it all


    MEET YOUR BIZ BESTIES! Building an empire, being a stay at home mum, trying to climb a corporate career ladder or even trying to figure out what you want in life can be isolating. Surrounding yourself with women who hype TF out of you & are chasing the same big life is the time collapse hack you didn't know you needed. We're creating our own high vibe high achieving circle of influence here

  • LET'S TALK $$$

    And make it ok. It's not taboo around here. We talk making money, moving money, how to manifest money, creating wealth, we have money goals and we aren't ashamed of it. We normalise BIG cash goals


Each month you'll be able to join a live masterclass with an expert in different areas of life.

You'll also have access to a library of masterclass replays & coaching calls. Currently we have 11 available for instant access. THOUSANDS of dollars worth of content & coaching.

Forget netflix, we've got some juicy growth content ready to binge


Give yourself 12 weeks of focussing on your own growth and evolution. Of changing habits, building confidence, learning new business skills, deep diving into knowing yourself, connecting with new people.

Candyland is a minimum 12 week membership or a total $300 investment at $25wk but you can stay forever too (and most people do)

What is candyland exactly?

What you'll find here

- A new level of CONFIDENCE 

- Life & Business Education & Support 

- Your Self Development Besties. The Ultimate Hype Squad 

- A Private Community with Aligned Goals (on an app, no FB groups) 

- Access to monthly Masterclasses with expert guest speakers 

- A monthly hot seat Coaching Call and lesson delivered by me

- Access to a library of resources, masterclasses on replay, video tutorials, meditations and Education 

- A quarterly in person Networking event 

- Connection & New Friendships 

Is it a course?

CANDYLAND is a membership community. This isn't a course, it isn't a program, it's a place to feel like you belong & to be supported in your growth. 

This community is delivered through an app where you'll find chat forums, virtual rooms, advice columns, breakaway rooms in business, self development, parenting, health and wellness, financial literacy and more. You are literally creating your own circle of support and it's an empowering one. 

If you are ready to step into the next level of growth, to drop the excuses, hold yourself accountable and step into your power you are going to love candyland

No prior experience or entry requirements needed, simply a safe space strictly for those who want to chase their big dream life and are craving a world of self development, education, coaching and support in all areas of life. 

What is the membership term?

3 month Membership commitment : $25 per week 

Why 12 weeks? Because change doesn't happen in a week or in a month. We don't break cycles if we keep plugging out and withdrawing from what we're trying to do. We don't achieve high level growth when we don't stay committed and plugged in. And because the human psyche will let you have 1-2 weeks of being highly motivated only to revert back to your comfort zone when you go through the all familiar dip in energy or circumstances. Sound familiar? I know how this works, I was that person playing out that same pattern, but i've also cracked it and will never be held back by lack of confidence, self doubt or imposter syndrome again. Im here to pull you back out when you face those dips.

So 12 weeks is how long I need you to give me if you want to break up with your bullshit & experience a new level of growth.

By joining Candyland you are agreeing to a minimum commitment of 12 weekly instalments at $25wk. There is a 7 day cooling off period so if you would like to cancel within this period please email me.

Please contact me if you would prefer to pay in full $300 

Once 12 weeks/payments have passed you may cancel your membership at any time or continue on a week to week basis. You can cancel by logging into your account or by emailing me  

What is the time commitment?

You get to choose. It's completely up to you. You can be deep in the community chatting, engaging, taking on challenges, using the resource library, watching and rewatching masterclasses, attending the live zoom coaching calls and masterclasses, watching the live monday broadcast, attending in person events

OR you can utilise whichever parts of it feel good to you

This is yours to use as you wish. It's your own version of having it all, for some having it all means being highly in the zone, plugged in and taking a bit of everything from all areas of candyland. For others it means using it lightly and utilising just the business tools and resources or the self development classes and tools, watching masterclasses in your own time, but knowing its there in all areas if and when you're ready. You know you have the ultimate hype squad to support you when you need it

Im personally in there daily because I love it so much and so are so many of members, but others prefer to use the resources and not the community. Its all your choice