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Candy Kemp

ABRACADABRA, you're a boss

ABRACADABRA, you're a boss

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The word Abracadabra in hebrew translates to "As I speak I create". Our words are literally magic, and when I tell you that you have the potential to create your own business that can make you rich in both financial wealth and experience whether you have any experience or not, I mean it. 

Over *3 weeks with me you'll have the inside knowledge of exactly what I do when i'm conceptualising a new idea, how I create my brand mood board, the steps I take to bring my branding to life, my processes for finding a supplier or manufacturer, how I build a website spending very little or no money, how I set up my social media content, and all of this within the first 24 hours from when the inspiration hits. Yep, I like to work fast. 

Ive launched 10 businesses in a range of industries. Some i've started with less than $300, one I launched and received 300 orders my first night without spending a single cent, some have been viral successes and made millions of dollars, some i've tried & failed, and that is exactly why I believe there's a lot of value in what I have to share. I'll be sharing these stories within this course. 

In this *3 week course you will learn how to: 

  • brainstorm, discover & build on a business concept
  • create branding that is powerful, on trend, and that sells
  • the boring (but important) legal requirements
  • build your shopify website (yep, all by yourself)
  • source suppliers and manufacturers and what to look for vs what to avoid
  • how to plan a marketing campaign with very little or no budget
  • how to plan out your social media & content plus the tools and programs I use
  • how to hype your launch
  • how to package and send your product and who to do it with

If you're ready to take the next step and do that thing you've been thinking about forever or if you're ready to take a chance and see what inspiration comes up along the way, join me for my 3 week course. This will be run by:

  • a weekly video lesson that drops each monday + printable workbook
  • 2x  LIVE coaching interactive Q&A calls via zoom (this will be available to replay if you cannot make the live session) 
  • a private supportive FB community for any mid week questions, conversations & networking
  • lifetime access to the course to revisit whenever needed 

If you hired someone to teach you or do all of the above you would be paying tens of thousands of dollars, but I know what it's like to be someone who can't afford to spend a fortune yet are hungry for more. My course will be on offer to a very limited number of enrolments for the first round so this will be the most intimate opportunity to join me for hands on mentoring. 

Feeling nervous? That is so normal and even expected. Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary. But what is scarier is not taking a chance and being in the same place in 12 months wishing you had done something sooner, not feeling like you're living life to your full potential and not waking up each day loving what you do.  

If you're ready to put in the work, or even if you just want to listen, absorb & spark inspiration to come back to again when you're ready, then join me. 

Let's see what magic we can create 

*note: if you join outside of live rounds you will receive immediate access to all modules so you can work self paced 

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