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Candy Kemp

Level Up Content : Online Short Course

Level Up Content : Online Short Course

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This short online course is for anyone who wants to level up their content game or learn more about how to use different modalities within the platform to achieve a higher chance of virality on Instagram & Tik Tok. Any BRAND (personal or business) these days needs to have engaging quality content. 

I gained 80k followers within 12 months on Tik Tok (with let's be honest, a 30% effort) and share the pattern of why the videos with millions of views gained viral status & how you can repeat it. My Instagram reels have incredibly high engagement and views for my audience size. From a personal stand point this growth also allowed me to earn multiple 5 figures as a content creator & affiliate payments which was an unexpected byproduct of something I was doing for fun. From a business stand point this has helped my businesses achieve greater visibility and growth. 

If you want to level up your personal page content, your business content or build a personal brand this easy to follow course is perfect for you. We live in a digital visual society and creating quality content is more important than ever. 

In this course you'll learn: 

- How to spice up your IG stories. All my fav tips & tricks you may not know about 

- Tik Tok & how to stand out and create viral engaging videos 

- How to edit reels/tik toks on capcut 

- How to edit reels on canva 

- How to extract any sound & apply to your videos 

- How to edit to the beat 

- Creator tips & camera (phone) settings to use for high quality content 

- Understanding what creates virality & how to achieve it in your own content 

When joining this course you'll have access to: 

- An online course portal with 7 short video modules for easy talk through walk through learning 

- A workbook to create a content plan 

- 24 Reels/Tik Tok ideas to get you started 

- Access to my canva reels template with unique font packages 

- Lifetime access to course content 

- Updates as new modules/content additions occur 

- Private FB Group for networking & ongoing updates & trends I want to share 

I take the guess work out of trying to understand these platforms and what creates virality, and my easily digestible course format makes this learning enjoyable to do because creating content shouldn't be a pain point, it should be light hearted and fun! 

I would consider this course a beginner to intermediate skill level. This will help you create more aesthetic, powerful converting content and gain some clarity on what type of content to post. [Creators with advanced skillset may find this course too basic]

This is a pre recorded course and you'll have instant access to all content after purchasing. 

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